Getting Started

MT4 is the trading platform or software provided by 4T to its clients. The platform is accessible through software installation, web address or mobile application. For more about MT4 please click here.

Once you have filled in your live or trial account opening forms here, you will be issued a user ID and password to access the platform. An email to install Client Terminal, it is necessary to download its distributive and launch it. Then it will be necessary to choose a directory for installing the program there and follow the Installation Wizard tips. After the terminal has been installed it will run automatically.

When you launch your MT4 software or application you will be prompted with a login window to insert your credentials. Your MT4 account number is also you user ID and your password was provided upon registration.

If you have forgotten your password please click this link to create a new one.

If you know your password and wish change it, please go to the ‘Tools’ menu and choose ‘options’ and ‘Server’ then click change and fill in your old password as well as the new one.

No, your user ID is also your account ID. It is unique and cannot be changed.

The server is the third component of your log in credentials, when you insert your ID and password you will be requested to choose the server. If it is not shown there already please find ‘4TSAL-Live’. Or contact our customer support team [email protected].


Trading on MT4

There are several ways to place an order on MT4

Through the market watch module:

  • Right click any instrument, OR
  • Press F9 on your keyboard, OR
  • Double click any instrument

Through the chart:

  • Right click and choose the Trading sub menu, OR
  • If one click trading is enabled, you can trade from the live price pods on the top left corner of the chart. OR
  • Press F9

Through the Trade window:

  • Right click or press F9 OR,
  • if you already have a position, double click to trade the same instrument again or to add Limit and Stop orders to your existing position.

Tools > Options > Trade > tick One Click Trading

Note: you will be prompted to read a risk warning and disclaimer prior to accepting to use this functionality

If you have placed an instant market order. The order will be executed and turned into a position. Otherwise, you can view your pending/working order in the module ‘Terminal’ click on the tab ‘Trade’

When your Order is Executed it will move from the pending order space below your account status line to the space above it.

At the far right of each position you can see the unrealized profit or loss based on the current market price. The profit or loss will only realize and be added or deducted of your balance when the position is closed. Hence, they will keep updating and changing as long as the market price is changing.

The profit /loss are calculated by taking the difference between the market price and the entry and multiply this by the quantity. This, however, does not take in consideration any costs related to this position such as commissions or swap.

Also, for P/L in currencies different from your deposit currency, you will need to take the exchange rate into consideration.

In the example above the profit calculation is as follows

(Market Price – Purchase price) x Deal size

= (1.22619 – 1.22514) x 100,000

= 0.00105 x 100,000

= $105

If you enable the function of (one-click-trading) you can close your position by clicking on the cross sign at the right of the position (next to your profit/loss).

Change tab from ‘Trade’ to ‘History’ to see your closed positions.


How to view your account

Terminal > Trade > Account Status

Your balance will update when

  • You realize a profit or loss by closing a trade
  • Your account is debited or credited any cash amounts

All deposits – all withdrawals + all realized profits – all realized losses

Your equity is the real-time value of your account. It shows you the net worth of your account at any point in time and what you will have if you decide to close all your open positions at this point.

If you have open positions, your equity will update every time there is a move in the price of the positions you hold.

Balance +/- your open positions’ profit/loss

Note there maybe some other deductibles such as swaps or conversion fees for currencies other than your deposit currency.

The margin is an amount of your equity that is locked in for the purpose of maintaining a position or several positions. The amount is not deducted from your equity or balance, but it is only locked and cannot be utilized for withdrawal or entering a new deal.

The free margin is the amount of your equity that you can utilize for trading or to withdraw.

The margin level is the percentage of your margin related to your equity. If you have used an amount of margin exactly equal to your equity, then your margin level is 100%.

The margin level is an important tool in risk management.

Getting started is easy

Watch 4T go to work, getting started takes minitues. It’s that easy.